Archytas (palidamors) wrote,

never not be

just minding my own, drinking some cider. and in she walks. holding the hand of some bearded hipster dude. i waved hello. i got the stink-eye that i have received so many times. that was it. that was our entire interaction. so why. why? am an up at 3:30 worrying and fretting?

i wanted her to be happy. i want her to be happy. i really hope he is.

i took my shot with her and it didn't work.
so i took a shot with the fatter, blacker version of her, that, surprisingly, didn't work either.

so where do i go from here? i know i'm going to see her around, and i know she's moved on. and thats what i wanted. her to be happy. but for some reason, and i don't know why, i still want to put a fucking bullet into my head.
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