Archytas (palidamors) wrote,

sweet georgia brown

so. six months. that sucks. i had higher hopes for myself. lets start from the beginning:
i was involved with a girl that i work with (hint, it surprisingly isn't Rachel) and it was fun for a long time. and by fun, i mean we had lots of awesome, run-of-the-mill sex. lots though.
then, i started seeing parallels. bad ones. needy kinds. manipulative kinds. guilty kinds.

anyway, there is a lot more i need to say, but i can't now.

so today i saw babe for the first time in a year and a half. i hoped for better but expected much, much worse.
by friday our legal bond will be broken.

seven years. i will never not be sad about that.

in the end, i will say this: i want for her what i've always wanted for her.
to be happy.

one of these days i'll get something right.

probably not
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